Current Accounts

We have a history of adapting our business to meet the changing needs of the people we serve, especially in today’s fast-paced world where people are regularly required to receive and send funds to various cities in or out of the country. As our customers continue moving to more places within Cameroon and around the world, relationships with them keep growing. UNICS current accounts come bundled with choices and opportunities. From personalized cheques that get treated at par in any city where we have a branch, through cheques clearance to funds transfer via inter-city deposits and withdrawals, our priority services have become the benchmark for banking industry.

Specific Benefits: What’s in it for you?

Imagine the freedom to do what you want with your cash when you want. No strings attached. Well, here’s an account designed especially for you. So whatever your plans, it’s a great way of managing your money and introducing you to the world of finance. It also means you can start to build a relationship with UNICS that will support you throughout your professional or business life.


This Account type is designed to specially meet the banking needs of Small and Medium sized Enterprises operating in the Informal Sector on the individual(s) personal name. This account is managed by a Physical person

-Personalized cheques

-Availability of online banking (E- History)

-Availability of operational loan

-Availability of  Investment loans

-Financing of Contracts and Supplies

-open to all our adhoc services indicated below

-Attractive charge with room to negotiation for Special conditions.

-Flexible collateral options.


CO OPERATE BUSINESS ACCOUNT (SARL, PLC, SA ETC) These are Moral Registered Big Business accounts which might also be Small and Medium Size in nature. This Account class is managed by a Moral person -They enjoy all the benefits listed under Individual Business Account and can apply for Bigger loans and Overdrafts. -UNICS will freely introduce them to other important partners in their Business chain where necessary.


 These are Moral Group Accounts with a status as well as an authorization of existence to operate.

Domiciliation of Payments for their operations  and workers

-Quick access to money using our adhoc services.

-Financing of events

-Providing Resource Persons during capacity building seminars and workshops

-Other partnership opportunities


STUDENT ACCOUNTS This Account type and its Associated products are specially designed and adapted to meet the needs of Academic institutions of all levels. -Special student accounts package with free VISA card upon Account opening. -Special Overdraft facilities to finance operational issues such as paying of salaries - Refurbishment and construction loans -Domiciliation of school fees -Mobil Banking package for students and staff

DAYNESS/Small Business

With the DAYNESS or Small Business Current Account, those of the Informal   Sector with  unregistered petty businesses have the opportunity to conveniently run a small business account and enjoy all the banking privileges of loans, cheque clearance, Mobile Banking, Overdrafts etc.

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