Our range of savings accounts can make saving simple and rewarding. Saving with UNICS comes with many advantages as we help you achieve your goals and objectives. We offer our customers the possibility of saving money in exchange for interest. Earn incredible interest per annum with UNICS. We’ll give you interest on every Franc in your account and, as you build up more money, you get more interest. It’s simple: the more you save, the more you’ll get.


This Account is designed to enable individuals save money for daily needs, precaution and speculative motives. -Attractive interest rates of up to 5% per annum -Withdraw at any time without any prior notification except for very huge amounts. -Withdraw from any of our UNICS Branches -Open to all other adhoc services and products of


This Account is designed to enable meeting groups and Associations save money for daily and future use. -Attractive interest rates of up to 5% per annum -withdraw at any time without any prior notification except for very huge amounts. -Withdraw from any of our UNICS Branches -Open to all other adhoc services and products of UNICS. -Serves as collateral for the acquisition of Credit


This is a special package for students of the secondary and higher institutions of learning. This package is aimed at bringing the students to the latest innovations in banking. -A Opened a student Saving Account for 10 000 FCFA and benefit from the following: -Free Visa card -Free UNICS Mobile Banking subscription -Online fee payment assistance


The Term Deposit gives individuals and organizations the possibility to make more money as a creditor in a fixed interest security with interest due at maturity. - Interest rate negotiable -Keep your money with a more stable financial institution. -Opportunities to negotiate for higher interest.


Invest money as a creditor in a fixed interest security and received interest upfront. No-interest rate negotiable -Opportunities to bring more money and negotiate for Higher Interest.


The FUTURIS account permits holder to accumulate money gradually to carry on a planned project. -Could deposit as low as 500 FCFA per day -Deposit from you shop through our daily collectors. -Earn attractive interest per annum on the amount deposited. -Serve as a base for a Small Business Loan -Salary earners could conveniently prepare for BACK TO SCHOOL by placing a standing order from their Salary Account to a Futuris Account.

Deposits Accounts

From the roots of its current and savings accounts business, we broadened our scope of activities to offer money transfer. With a fast growing diaspora in the US, Europe and Asia, this became essential to meet the needs of Cameroonians around the world. Through our transfer services, we have become an integral part of the fabric of local communities in Cameroon. There has always been a great demand for this service as hundred of thousands of Cameroonians living overseas use this medium to remain connected to their families and homeland

security accounts

Cheap, Speedy & Sure!

Speedy Cash is UNICS web-based money transfer system. Through this service, we enable users to effect transfers to and from any of our branches nationwide at very low rates. Speedy Cash transfers can also be made by debiting directly from a customer’s account to any other UNICS branch. SMS alert is the added value of this money network, as it triggers a predefined message to the recipient’s mobile phone. Speedy Cash SMS alert system is linked to the world’s most robust SMS gateway with reliable coverage to 663 networks in almost 201 countries worldwide.

Send and Receive Money to and from all over the World!

With a 150-year history of connecting people when it matters most, Western Union continues to shape the world in which we live. It is the single largest money transfer company in the world, helping you provide for your loved ones almost anywhere in the world, whether it’s for education, healthcare or groceries.

In 2008, a partnership agreement was signed with the Western Union Corporation for the joint exploitation of its ‘Will Call’ service (Money Transfer). Since July 2008, customers can send and receive money from and to UNICS to over 200 countries in the world. By partnering with Western Union, UNICS joined the world largest money transfer network.


U-Collection is our daily collection product.

With this service, you don’t need to displace yourself to make your transactions…
You can now effectuate your deposits from your house, from your company, from your office, in short any where that you find yourself with total security, thanks to ournewly innovated money transfer technology.
Our collectors having GPRS telephones connected to our data base, register the operation infront of you, and you receive instantly an SMS of validation of the transaction on your mobile telephone.
So you don’t more need to get tied by the end of the day to make your deposites.call our collectors to do this hard task for you and efficient and quality service is assured at a cheaper rate. Contact us on 61 69 86 69

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