Policies & Strategies

Capacity Building

UNICS seeks to harness the power of its human capital in its mission to build a world class financial institution and contribute to the development of Cameroon.

We believe our people are our greatest resource and we invest in attracting, retaining and developing our people. More than 100 people work together to deliver value to our customers. We offer our staff good training and development opportunities and provide an empowering and motivating work environment. We appreciate the contribution made by every member of our staff and we seek to provide them with the necessary tools and resources, including the appropriate technological platform; to expand their career prospects. We devote up to 5% of payroll cost to training and development opportunities.

Satisfied customer 92%
Security account 100%
Payroll 5%

Know Your Customer (KYC) Procedures

UNICS Plc staffs follow a ‘KYC guideline’, where some of every customer’s personal information is obtained. The objective of doing so is to enable the institution to have positive identification of its customers whether at the time of account opening, or at the time a specific type of transaction, such a loan request, is carried out. This is also in the interest of customers to safeguard not only their hard earned money but also their identity especially in this environment.

The KYC guidelines mandate UNICS staff to collect three types of proof from their customers. They are

  • Photograph
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address

We have therefore framed our KYC procedures accordingly; requiring all customers to submit a photograph and documentary proof of personal identification and address. Our KYC procedures specify commonly available documents as proof of personal identification and address, so as to strike a balance between respecting regulation and conveniently meeting the customers’ needs.

The Account Opening Form provides the nature of documents required / procedure to be followed. Our branch officials will be able to provide guidance regarding the different types of documents acceptable for opening any new account.

We request your kind co-operation in providing the required documents to enable us to adhere to the KYC policy, while bearing in mind that with UNICS, your security is always of top priority

Anti-Money Laundry Statement

UNICS Plc is a microfinance institution authorized and regulated by the Banking Commission of Central Africa (COBAC) to accept deposit and provide loans to the public. This makes risk, and its management, an inherent part of our business. 

We are therefore committed to, and take an engagement to prevent our shareholders, staff and customers from being exposed to money laundry and all other vices attached to it such as the financing of terrorism and illicit businesses. In order to do this, we have put in place a control system which is in line with the recommendations of the Bank of Internal Regulations, and at the regional level, COBAC, permitting us to identify the potential areas where it may occur and report as required.

  • UNICS is committed to the detection and reporting of suspected money laundering activities as a preventive strategy
  • All employees are trained and are vigilant to identify the signs of money laundering
  • Any employee who suspects money laundering activity reports this promptly to the Control Unit

Customer Centricity Statement

In UNICS PLC, our only concern is not only that you leave with an answer to your query or solution to your problem. We understand the pressures of life and especially those related to finances, so our focus is in that your experience be an awesome one.While we have designed products and services designed to meet a plethora of needs, we have also ensured that our strategies, policies and procedures are designed to give you an efficient, effective and enjoyable experience whether you are in our branches or a distant customer. We hold so firmly to this that we implore all customers who have a contrary experience to reach back to us so that we stick to the promises we make on our Service Charter.

In UNICS, the customer is truly KING.


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