Dear Visitors, Thank you for visiting UNICS Plc’s official website.UNICS Plc is One of Cameroon’s fastest growing micro finance institutions. For over a decade, we have been providing amazing financial services, offering reliable, efficient and trustworthy solutions to our clients. At UNICS, we are dedicated to helping our customers establish a business or grow their profits. Our methodology is the reverse of the banking methodology. Conventional banking is based on the principle that the more you have, the more you can get. In other words, if you have little or nothing, you get nothing. UNICS started with the belief that credit should be accepted as a human right, and we built a system where any honest person who does not possess anything gets the highest priority in getting a loan. Our methodology is not based on assessing the material possession of a person; we focus on the potential that is waiting to be unleashed in a person and see poor persons as opportunities, not burdens. We believe, at UNICS, that all human beings, including the poorest are endowed with endless potentials! Our overarching objective is to bring financial services to the poorest– to help them fight poverty, stay profitable and financially sound. It is this composite objective, coming out of our social and economic vision that has inspired us over the years and, in this light, I want to express my deep appreciation to the valued customers, staff, shareholders and well wishers for their valuable contribution to the progress of UNICS and seek their continued support and co-operation in future. I also acknowledge with gratitude, the timely advice, valuable guidance and support received from the government of Cameroon and the Banking Commission of Central Africa (COBAC). Through this medium, we have decided to bring to our customers and the public information that is of interest to each. Again welcome to our website and thank you for sharing our belief in a poverty-free world. Mr. CHEBIENKA LESLIE LANGSI Board Chairman