UNICS Plc is authorised and regulated by the COBAC (Registration Number: RC/YAO/2008/B/1310) as a micro finance institution to accept deposit and provision of credit products to consumers and related services. P.O. BOX: 3112, Yaoundé.

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With U-Collection, You can now make your deposits from your home, from your company, in short wherever you are.

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Savings Accounts

Earn incredible interest per annum with UNICS. Our range of savings accounts can make saving simple and rewarding.
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Credits: Borrow and grow!

With our various credit facilities, we help our customers seal their budgetary deficits or establish a business.
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UNICS seeks to harness the power of its human capital in its mission to build a world class financial institution and contribute to the development of Cameroon.

We believe our people are our greatest resource and we invest in attracting, retaining and developing our people. More than 100 people work together to deliver value to our customers. We offer our staff good training and development opportunities and provide an empowering and motivating work environment. We appreciate the contribution made by every member of our staff and we seek to provide them with the necessary tools and resources, including the appropriate technological platform; to expand their career prospects. We devote up to 5% of payroll cost to training and development opportunities.


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