UNICS Plc is authorised and regulated by the COBAC (Registration Number: RC/YAO/2008/B/1310) as a micro finance institution to accept deposit and provision of credit products to consumers and related services. P.O. BOX: 3112, Yaoundé.

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With U-Collection, You can now make your deposits from your home, from your company, in short wherever you are.

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Savings Accounts

Earn incredible interest per annum with UNICS. Our range of savings accounts can make saving simple and rewarding.
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Credits: Borrow and grow!

With our various credit facilities, we help our customers seal their budgetary deficits or establish a business.
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Our range of savings accounts can make saving simple and rewarding. Saving with UNICS comes with many advantages as we help you achieve your goals and objectives. We offer our customers the possibility of saving money in exchange for interest. Earn incredible interest per annum with UNICS. We'll give you interest on every Franc in your account and, as you build up more money, you get more interest. It's simple: the more you save, the more you'll get.

Specific Benefits
1. Low opening fees
Have a savings account opened in our books with just F CFA 5 000 (opening fee) and F CFA 10 000 (minimum balance).
2. Very High Interest Rates
Holders of UNICS savings accounts benefit from our incredible interest rates. We pay our customers as much as 6.5% per annum on their savings for ordinary savings account and up to 8% on Futuris accounts.
3. Direct and full access to your money
At any of our locations, we offer you the possibility of making quick deposits and withdrawals from your savings account to carry out your transactions.
4. Preferential Personal Loan - for Savers
Even when you have savings, you sometimes need to take out a loan. The good news is that when you’ve been saving with UNICS for at least three months, you qualify to borrow and benefit from preferential treatment in the processing of your request. Please contact our credit officers for details.

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  • Photocopy of National Identity Card
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • F CFA 5 000 Opening Fee
  • F CFA 10 000 initial Deposit



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